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Mission and Values Statement


The Office of Graduate Studies provides foundational administrative and financial support to academic programs for recruitment, admissions, retention and placement. Our mission is to ensure a positive student experience in a safe and diverse graduate community that promotes excellence in graduate education, and empowers all students to meet the challenges of a global future.


The Office of Graduate Studies will be recognized as a proactive leader in evidence-based practice and outcomes in the administration of graduate education.


Respect: The Office of Graduate Studies will maintain an inclusive and welcoming environment that values differences in thought and mission. We will be objective and impartial as we respond to the needs of programs and students.

Responsibility: The Office of Graduate Studies will provide campus-wide leadership, as well as resources and support to promote the success of students and their graduate programs.

Discovery: The Office of Graduate Studies will provide and facilitate co-curricular and professional development opportunities for students and mentors that enhance a commitment to continuous improvement and life-long learning.

Excellence: Using continuous quality improvement practices, the Office of Graduate Studies will proactively lead in the use of best practices for delivery of customer service and transparency of data and information.