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To improve the transparency of graduate education, the links below provide basic statistics about Ph.D. programs at the University of Missouri.

Currently, interactive statistics are only accessible to users who have a University of Missouri Single Sign-on Identification (SSO ID). To use the interactive statistics,

  • Click the link below
  • Log on to the Cognos system with your SSO ID and password
  • Click on “Classic Cognos”
  • Open folder “UM Census”
  • Open folder “Graduate Student Data Reports”
  • Open report “PhD Enrollment and Demographics–Active Report”

Degree programs are arranged alphabetically within the dropdown box. Definitions are provided in the second TAB.

A PDF version of all PhD program statistics also is provided. In the PDF version, the final pages provide a set of definitions to clarify the metrics reported. Note that the “PhD Admissions” and “PhD Enrollment” statistics are include only those students who were admitted or enrolled for the first time during the Fall Semester. Students who are admitted or enrolled for the first time during the spring or summer will not be reflected in these data.

Assistance and Accommodations

MU is committed to providing digital access to all users. If you have difficulty accessing these data with adaptive technology or because of a disability, please contact the Graduate School for assistance.