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Application for Graduation

The application for graduation deadline has passed.  The Summer 2018 Application for Graduation will be open May 21st through June 10th.  

  1. This application is for graduate students only and should only be submitted if
    • You are completing a graduate degree in Spring or Summer 2018 or
    • You are completing a stand-alone graduate certificate in Spring or Summer 2018.
  2. You will receive separate registration information about commencement.
  3. A Plan of Study must be on file with the Office of Graduate Studies before completing this application.
  4. Please review your program and advisor information in myZou prior to completing this application. Please contact your program to address any discrepencies. 
  5. If you do not complete your degree or certificate this term then you will need to complete this application again.
  6. If you are receiving multiple degrees, please list your doctoral degree first.
  7. Do not type your responses in ALL CAPS.
  8. You will receive a confirmation email after completing the application.
    • Please review and contact the Officeof Graduate Studies if you need to report an error.
  9. Your advisor will also receive notification that you've applied to complete a degree and/or certificate.  it is advised that you follow up with your advisor and program to learn what steps remain to complete requirements
  10. It is recommended that you print this page and retain for your records.  Failure to follow the instructions outlined above may result in the deletion of your application and delay of your degree or certificate.

Complete the Application for Graduation »

Please only complete the application for graduation if you are completing a degree, minor or certificate during the SPRING or SUMMER 2018 semester.