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Daphne Valerius

Mediated Communications, PhD Student

Daphne Valerius

Daphne is a PhD student in the Department of Communication with an emphasis in media representation.

Research Interests: Her research interests include the effects of media images on the self-esteem and self-confidence of women and girls of color. She is best known as the Director and Producer of the documentary film, The Souls of Black Girls.

Campus Involvement: Graduate School Graduate Assistant; Community Outreach Coordinator for Media & Diversity Center

Awards: McNair Fellowship

Future Plans: Her future plans include moving the conversation about media representation of women and girls of color forward as a teacher and scholar after her PhD is completed.

“Being embraced and welcomed within the Mizzou community has been such a comfort being so far away from home. I appreciate knowing that above everything else, I am amongst faculty and staff that genuinely want to see me cross the finish line and win.”