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Communication, Master of Arts - C, Communication,

Computer Science, Master of Science - C, Computer Science,

Dietetics, Master of Science - D, Dietetics,

Dispute Resolution, Master of Laws - D, Dispute Resolution,

Economics, Master of Arts - E, Economics,

Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, Master of Education/Master of Arts - E, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis,

Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology, Master of Education/Master of Arts/Education Specialist - E, Educational, School and Counseling Psychology,

Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering, Master of Science - E, Electrical and Computer Engineering,

English, Master of Arts - E, English,

Exercise Physiology, Master of Science - E, Exercise Physiology,

Finance, Master of Science - Business Administration, F, Finance,

Food and Hospitality Systems, Master of Science - F, Food and Hospitality Systems,

Geography, Master of Arts - G, Geography,

Geological Sciences, Master of Science - G, Geological Sciences,

German, Master of Arts - G, German,

Health Administration, Master of Health Administration - H, Health Administration,

Health Informatics, Master of Science - H, Health Informatics,

History, Master of Arts - H, History,

Human Development & Family Science, Master of Science/Master of Arts - H, Human Development & Family Science,

Industrial Engineering, Master of Science - I, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering,

Journalism, Accelerated Master of Arts - J, Journalism,

Learning Technologies and Design, Master of Science/Educational Specialist - Information Science & Learning Technologies, L, Learning Technologies and Design, Online Education, Technology in Schools,

Learning, Teaching, & Curriculum, Master of Education/Master of Arts/Education Specialist - Art Education, Early Childhood Education, L, Learning, Teaching, & Curriculum, TESOL,

Library and Information Science, Master of Library and Information Science - Information Science & Learning Technologies, L, Library and Information Science,

Mathematics, Master of Arts/Master of Science for Teachers - M, Mathematics,

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Master of Science - M, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,

Medical Pharmacology and Physiology, Master of Science - M, Medical Pharmacology and Physiology,

Music, Master of Music in Music Education - M, Music, Music Education,

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