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Dr. Rachel Bauer

Life After Post Doc Spotlight – Dr. Rachel Bauer

Dr. Rachel Bauer continues to advocate for students who are more creatively inclined so that they don’t have to choose between their art and their research. Bauer is a recent Mizzou alum with a Ph.D. from the Theatre graduate program and is now the Engagement Programs Manager with the . In her current role with The Connector, Bauer works to build and enhance outreach an engagement opportunities and programming for faculty and students across the MU campus. In her research and teaching, Rachel focuses on highlighting the transferable nature of theatre pedagogy and theatre education, focusing on the skills gained through theatre training that are useful across many disciplines.“I think people take the arts for granted, as they are often seen as a hobby or something that is studied for fun, but I think it is really important to highlight the usefulness of the arts is just about every area that one can study. The arts promote some incredibly useful transferrable skills including creativity, communication, critical thinking, innovation, and many more,” Bauer explains.

She also hopes to continue to develop the interdisciplinary relationships between the Arts and STEM fields to advocate for a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) approach to education and communication strategies, without imposing a need to separate creativity from critical thinking and science.

“Instead of continuing to separate the arts and the sciences in our minds and in how we view education at all levels, I would love for more people to see how well they can work together. I would like the public, and especially those in school, to know they can be an artist AND a scientist, not just one or the other” she explains.

And when asked what advice or words of wisdom she would share with current graduate students, Bauer offer graduate students and post docs the following advice for success:

Little by Little

“No matter how daunting a project looks or how unprepared or inadequate you may feel, just keep working a little bit every day. If you work a little every day, one day the project will be done. Sounds simple, but it’s true. The most important advice I received as a PhD candidate working on the dissertation was to do just that. Even when I didn’t feel like writing, I worked on something, anything, even it was just reformatting the title pages. The end becomes closer and closer until one day you look at it and say, “Wow, look what I did” instead of “How am I ever going to finish?”

You Are Enough

“The one thing I try to remind myself everyday: I remind myself how hard I worked and that I am smart enough, good enough, and talented enough to be here. I’m excited for what lies ahead!”