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Bridge Research Discussion – Dr. Antoinette Landor

3MT Featured Home Graduate Education Week Inclusive Excellence Individual Development Plan (IDP) PostDoc Association Professional Development Upcoming Events December 03, 2019 Tuesday, December 03, 2019


the Bridge - 220 Townsend Hall

220 Townsend Hall

#TeamLightSkin vs. #TeamDarkSkin: How Colorism Impacts Families, Relationships, and Health
Popular culture is especially rife with hashtags around skin tone and colorism such as #TeamLightSkin vs. #TeamDarkSkin. But even in jest, this language shapes how we view ourselves and others, and often has detrimental consequences for individuals, families, and communities. What do these hashtags mean beyond social media taglines? Dr. Landor will highlight her work on the historical and contemporary impact of skin tone and colorism on how parents interact with their children, how individuals choose romantic and sexual partners, and individuals’ well-being.