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Discovery and Access: Researching with the MU Libraries’ Collections

3MT Featured Home Graduate Education Week Health & Wellness Inclusive Excellence Individual Development Plan (IDP) PostDoc Association Professional Development Upcoming Events September 29, 2021 3-4 p.m.




Joe Askins,

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The University Libraries’ collections are expansive: along with the millions of books housed in our campus libraries and off-site depository, we have access to millions of scholarly and popular articles through a multitude of subscriptions to databases and electronic journals.

When engaging with such a complex and multi-faceted body of materials, it’s natural to have questions: How can I tell whether the Libraries have access to a specific journal? Where can I obtain a copy of a book that our Libraries don’t own? And why is that article that I could access yesterday no longer available?

Learn more about the size, scope, and entryways into our collections in this webinar, designed especially for faculty, post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduate researchers.

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