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Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions and Market Insights Webinar

3MT Featured Home Graduate Education Week Inclusive Excellence Individual Development Plan (IDP) PostDoc Association Professional Development Upcoming Events April 30, 2020 1pm - 2 pm CST



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Members of the FreightWaves Passport Research team and Arrive Logistics’ Business Intelligence division will provide an analysis of the market, and the Arrive Logistics Strategic Partners team will present actionable tips and real-world anecdotes on navigating supply chain disruptions. Engage directly with market experts and logistics alumni from the executive ranks of some of the biggest and best-known companies by joining us for a 60-minute webinar discussion and Q&A at 1 p.m. CST Thursday, April 30. Key areas of focus include:
• Market discussion; analyzing current trends and forecasts
• Sonar analysis; understanding the data
• Successfully navigating disruptions
• Actionable proactive steps to mitigate complexities
• Communicating in a crisis, internal and external stakeholder alignment
For more information and to register, click the link below. Please be sure to register with a .edu email address if interested in attending.

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