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Research Discussion: Opportunities for Sensemaking in Science for Students with Disabilities

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Opportunities for Sensemaking in Science for Students with Disabilities by Rachael Juergensen

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The shift toward a greater emphasis on sensemaking in science supports decision making on relevant issues. Decisions about these issues need to be informed by science. Yet, many Americans do not have the scientific literacy necessary to understand these issues and make these important decisions. We have seen the impact of decision making during the recent and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (i.e., getting the vaccine vs. not getting the vaccine, wearing a mask vs. not wearing a mask) and how these decisions have impacted ourselves and others. The lack of scientific literacy needed to make decisions informed by science may be traced back to a lack of opportunity to participate in equitable science learning in K-12. This study investigates the opportunities students with disabilities and students experiencing difficulty in science have for sensemaking in general education science classrooms as compared to their peers. Come join the discussion as we talk about the relationship between teacher beliefs, classroom practices, and equitable opportunities to participate.

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