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Sarah Buchanan

3MT Featured Home Graduate Education Week Inclusive Excellence Individual Development Plan (IDP) PostDoc Association Professional Development Upcoming Events September 10, 2019 11am-12pm


The Bridge, Townsend Hall 220


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Storytelling with Digital and Audiovisual Archives:
Audiovisual archives preserve local voices and reveal nuance and positionalities in cultural movements. By prioritizing at-risk media formats and creating learning opportunities with digitization, archival educators are expanding capacity to know and tell stories together.  Dr. Buchanan will introduce the “Feminist Community Radio at KOPN” special collection in the online American Archive of Public Broadcasting, consisting of thus far 100 audio recordings from the 1970s to the 1990s. A digital primary source, KOPN at AAPB supports multigenerational diversity research by making available local music programs and dialogue on national issues such as the Equal Rights Amendment, Watergate, women’s health, the environment, and politics.