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The Alternative Path is designed for ITAs taking on ITAP Language level-3 course responsibilities in an undergraduate, for-credit class throughout an entire semester. This includes leading recitations, discussion sections, or studio classes. 

The goal of this alternative path is to allow students to have their English language Communicative skills assessed in more natural, intuitive environment: their own classroom with their own students present. 

Applicants will submit the application on the following page as well as a video of an entire class session (45 minutes or more.) Please ensure that the video: 

a. Has high audio quality not only of the applicant, but of student interactions as well, 

b. Includes numerous examples of prepared and spontaneous speech, and 

c. Demonstrates the applicant’s ability to provide clear, in-depth explanations and multiple methods to support ideas. 

The video will be evaluated using the same rubric and evaluators as the MACCS test. The advantage of this alternative path is that students have a greater opportunity to demonstrate their communicative skills without the added pressure of the testing environment. 

Please note, this alternative path is not available to teaching assistants who are taking on ITAP Language level-3 course responsibilities in their assistantship. This because the linguistic demands over an entire 50-75 minute class session are vastly different than those needed for a 5-10 minute introductory session. 

General Information 

Department: _______________________________________ Date: ___________________ 

Applicant Name: _______________________________________ Student ID: ______________ 

TA Course name and number: _____________________________________________________ 

Semester working as a TA: ________________________ Course Enrollment: _____________ 

Course Presentations: 

Please include the dates of 10 or more class sessions where the applicant led the entire class session. Date 












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