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How to Apply for External Grants, Awards, and Fellowships

Steps to apply for External Fellowships and Awards


Keep an eye on regular emails from your DGS, the Graduate School’s website, and our newsletter for grant workshops and funding opportunities

  • JOIN

Using your MU credentials, utilize the Graduate School Resources Canvas Site to explore additional resources for fellowship and grant writing. Email Anita Cowan at to request to be added to the site.


Search for interesting funding opportunities on your own


Discuss your research interests and career plans with your faculty mentor and experts from the Graduate School to assess the fit between your research and plans and any funding opportunities of interest to you

  • PLAN

Plan your submission with your faculty mentor or Dr. Elizabeth “Liz” Bent, Research and Grant Development Specialist in the Graduate School. Email Dr. Bent at to schedule a meeting

Finding Fellowships

Fellowship Search Tools

  • Pivot is a database of funding opportunities sponsored by the government, private foundations, nonprofit organizations, and professional societies. MU subscribes to this service; current Mizzou faculty and students have free access. To use the database, you must first create an account.
  • The MU Fellowships Office provides a list of nationally prestigious fellowships and scholarships.
  • The University of Illinois has a very user-friendly database as well: University of Illinois Fellowship Finder

Examples of Prestigious National Fellowships & Awards

Current External Funding Opportunities

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