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 GradsWrite for Spring 2023
February 20 – April 28

Interested students should complete this form to be assigned to a writing group. Groups will close once capacity has been reached.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Laura Page in the Graduate School:

GradsWrite is a writing support program coordinated by the Graduate School. The goal of GradsWrite is to provide a shared space to help graduate students accomplish their writing goals in a supportive setting. Please note that GradsWrite is not a program that teaches students how to write, nor will editing be provided. Rather, this is a writing process focused support group that relies on the willingness or the leader and all group members supporting one another with ideas and honest feedback.

Groups are peer-led by a graduate student. Groups meet weekly for a minimum of 30 minutes and focus on helping graduate students set and meet writing goals, with an emphasis on accountability and support.

Tenets of the process

Maximum of 10 members in each group; emphasis on the value of groups being cross-disciplinary. Groups will be formed based on shared availability for meetings (days/times). Groups are encouraged to focus on the process of setting and meeting writing goals rather than focusing on actual content, i.e., this is not a program that teaches students how to write.

  • Group members will
    • Assist one another in setting realistic goals and commit to confidentiality
    • May track writing goals in a shared space to promote accountability
    • Commit to weekly attendance even if they have not met their academic goals
  • GradsWrite leaders will
    • Promote a respectful and comfortable group dynamic, keeping a consistent structure for meetings. The success of the program relies on the willingness of the leader and all group members supporting one another with ideas and honest feedback.

Call for Leaders! Applications closed on February 6
The goal is to form small, independent writing groups. Leaders commit to gathering group members weekly providing an informal and encouraging atmosphere where members feel supported in their writing goals. Leaders who do not miss more than one of their weekly meetings have the potential to receive a $200 award to be applied to their MU student account. Processed at the conclusion of the spring 2023 semester, the incentive may be used to reduce the cost of academic related expenses and serves as a gesture of appreciation for our leaders. Full details about the leader position are outlined in the following document: GradsWrite_Spring2023_Call for Leaders

Dr. Laura Page, Assistant Dean of Professional Development & Leadership,