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The University of Missouri (MU) partners with the Florida A&M University (FAMU) Feeder Scholars Program. This program provides MU direct access to high-achieving sophomores, juniors, and seniors enrolled at FAMU.

Prospective graduate students from FAMU will have the opportunity to participate in TigerView Campus Visitation Program and First-Year Scholars. MU’s Center for Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education (CIE)’s Director will support scholars throughout the process.

The benefits to FAMU Feeder Scholars include (1) a one-time fee waiver applicable to one graduate application for admission to the University of Missouri Graduate School and (2) consideration for a MU Graduate School Fellowship. FAMU Feeder Scholars interested in the program must be nominated by the FAMU Feeder coordinator. Up to five fellowships a year can be requested for FAMU Feeder Scholars.


To be eligible for the MU-FAMU Feeder Scholar Program, students must:

  • Have successfully completed the Graduate Feeder Scholars Program at FAMU prior to applying to this fellowship program.
  • Be nominated by the FAMU Feeder coordinator.
  • Be admitted to MU as a NEW FULL-TIME master’s or doctoral student by an academic program.

Note: MU-FAMU Feeder Fellows are expected to maintain a 3.5 GPA.

Program Details

The MU-FAMU Feeder Scholars fellowship application deadline is March 1, in anticipation of accepting the fellowship award in the Fall semester. Off-cycle and late applications will be considered based on funding availability, and such requests are made to the MU-FAMU Feeder Liaison – CIE’s director.

Duration of the Award

  • Two years for master’s degree-seeking students
  • Five years for doctoral-seeking students

Amount of Award Annually

  • Minimum of $10,200 for master’s degree-seeking students; minimum of $16,000 for doctoral-seeking students (for nine months)
  • Tuition waivers for each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer)
  • Health Insurance subsidy

Stipend may be supplemented by a departmental offer of funding (e.g., an assistantship). Students who also have an assistantship on campus may be able to set up a 12-month payment schedule for the 9-month assistantship to assist in budgeting. MU-FAMU Feeder Scholar may not receive more than one fellowship from or administered by the Graduate School at a time.


Part 1: FAMU Feeder Scholar’s application will include:

  • Biographical information
  • Application form
  • Personal statement (the same used in academic program application)
  • Notification of acceptance by MU graduate program

Part 2: FAMU Feeder Scholars Coordinator will:

  • Send a nomination email to the MU-FAMU Feeder Liaison

Part 3: MU Graduate School will:

  • Contact the academic program to seek a nomination letter for the student from the DGS/Department Chair.
    • Nominations should state the commitment of the department to the student and the fit of the student to the academic program
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