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Master’s, Specialist, and Doctoral Defenses and Forms for Spring 2020 (from Spring 2020)

The Graduate Faculty Senate does not have a policy that requires all defenses to be in person. Individual departments may have such a policy; however, at this time, any defense can to be conducted virtually. With access to Zoom pro accounts, conducting defenses virtually is much easier to accommodate.

While we still encourage students to complete requirements with the original deadlines in mind if they are able, we understand that may not be possible for everyone.  With that in mind, we will accept items for the Spring 2020 semester until the last day of the semester, May 15.

In addition, for the remainder of the semester, the Graduate School will accept any forms electronically. Electronic signature (including e-signatures) are acceptable, or departments and programs can send approval emails and the form (blank or partially signed) to the Graduate School.