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Nicholas Olivarez

Molecular Pathogenesis & Therapeutics Program, PhD Student

Nicholas Olivarez

Nicholas Olivarez is a PhD student in the Molecular Pathogenesis & Therapeutics Program.

Research Interests: Host-pathogen interactions, molecular microbiology, vrology, development of novel therapeutics, bacteriophage antimicrobial therapy, astronomy, and physics

Campus Involvement: President of Alternative Career Exploration in the Sciences (ACES) graduate student group; president of the Mizzou chapter for the Society for the Advancement of Hispanics/Chican@s and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS); MU Graduate Student Leadership Development Program honoree; Graduate Innovation Initiative co-founder; mentor for the NIH Initiative for IMSD trainees

Awards: Ridgel Fellowship; NIH IMSD training grant; NIH T32 training grant; Life Sciences Fellowship; Phi Zeta Research Day research poster award; Life Sciences Week research poster award

Future Plans: Pursue a career as an infectious disease research scientist; continue involvement in the advancement of underrepresented students in sciences, continue mentoring students in science, actively engage in science communication efforts to provide better communication between science and communities

“I was a poster child of how not to go through grad school when I got my master’s and being an Ambassador allows me to share my hard learned lessons with the next generation of scientists and scholars so that they can be more successful by avoiding the mistakes I have made.”