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Nigelle Cochran

English, PhD student

Nigelle Cochran

Nigelle Cochran is a MA/PhD student in the English department, specializing in Language & Linguistics.

Research Interests: Her MA thesis focused on dialect trends in Missouri English, and she plans to spend her time during her PhD to explore how phonetic realizations in American dialects are used to encode meaning and negotiate group and individual identities within varying social settings. Her research interests include sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, and dialectology.

Campus Involvement: Nigelle spends in her time on campus being involved with the Latinx Graduate Professional Network (LGPN), the English Graduate Student Association (EGSA), and Christian Grads Fellowship.

Awards: Nigelle is a recipient of the Thurgood Marshall Fellowship and has a teaching assistantship with the English Department.

Future Plans: Nigelle aims to complete her PhD and work as a tenure track professor where she can continue her explorations in sociophonetics and, possibly one day, she can assess similar trends in other languages.

“My favorite place in Columbia is the Heidelberg.  It’s a wonderful place that is close to campus where I can settle down and study while also having delicious food and/or hot chocolate.  Not to mention it’s not an undergraduate hang out so it’s pretty cozy.”