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As of January 15, 2022, Anthem student insurance members can get reimbursed by their health plan without cost share for the costs of over-the-counter diagnostic COVID-19 tests until the end of the Coronavirus Public Health Emergency. Diagnostic tests are performed if members are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been recently exposed. See Anthem’s website for more information.

Where can members find a test?

  • For fully insured, non-refunding plans, Anthem has a limited number of at-home diagnostic test kits available that members can order online. Members log in using the Sydney℠ Health mobile app or at Members can use our COVID-19 Test Site Finder to determine their eligibility. If they are eligible, they’ll be able to place an order. If not, they can use the test site finder for available options.
  • Visit for information on free tests that may be available through government programs.
  • Members can still use in-person diagnostic COVID-19 testing sites. These may include a doctor’s office, a pharmacy or health clinic, or an urgent care center. They can use our COVID-19 Test Site Finder to find a testing location close to them.
  • Over-the-counter diagnostic tests can be purchased online, at a local pharmacy, or from a big-box store.
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