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Build Your Skills

Our resources are intended to help graduate students and postdocs build their leadership capacity by strengthening transferable skills in these competency areas:

  • analytical, e.g., self assessment, critical thinking, data analysis 
  • communication skills, e.g., scholarly writing, public speaking
  • organizational skills, e.g., leadership, decision making, teamwork
  • personal skills, e.g., creativity, research integrity, ethics 

What are the learning opportunities?

Learning can occur in formal, informal, and online settings.

On campus grad students and postdocs may take advantage of specialized training programs, credit courses, PD seminars and events, colleague groups, and tutoring. 

Online or self-study learner? We have included professional development resources for you throughout these PD pages. Hopefully you have heard about our three Blackboard organizations for Mizzou students, replete with job search, scholarly writing, and proposal writing resources. Finally, if you are employed by the University, you should also take advantage of the extensive list of free materials in UM System's myLearn.

We are adapting Ruben’s LSC 2.0 as a framework for professional development programming. Ruben's model, grounded in the leadership literature, is particularly relevant for graduate students because it (a) includes disciplinary competencies and (b) corresponds with employers’ expectations of new hires. Ruben, Brent D. (2006). What Leaders Need to Know and Do: A Leadership Competencies Scorecard. Washington, DC: National Association of College and University Business Officers.