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Recommendations for Summer 2020 For-Credit or Funded Research (from Spring 2020; Updated 4/23/20)

Graduate research is recognized for providing critical and formative experiences for most of our students. As always, and particularly during the current global health situation, each student and their Academic Unit should consider all opportunities thoroughly and weigh possible risks with the benefits of research experiences.

With this context in mind, the following principles must be followed for all credit-bearing and funded research for Summer 2020. Please note that credit-bearing includes dissertation and thesis hours:

  1. Any research that can be done in a fully digital and remote format is allowed.
    1. Clear expectations for the research supervisors/faculty must be established to track student work with appropriate and ongoing feedback throughout the research experience.
  2. If digital and remote options are not available, alternative experiences that replace or complement research while still achieving the learning outcomes related to research should be pursued.
  3. In person or hybrid research activities should only be considered if there is no longer a stay-at-home order or using guidance from the Office of Research and Economic Development, the research is considered essential and items 1 and 2 above are not possible or appropriate because of federal funding requirements or research projects that are required for master’s and doctoral programs.
    1. Note: research that is required to meet thesis/dissertation expectations for a final defense in Spring or Summer Semester, or requirements of a new position that has already been accepted can be submitted for consideration as essential.
  4. Approvals of in person or hybrid research placement must follow a clearly articulated process. All research projects require approval by the chair/director and dean (or their designee). Each college should design the process to review exception requests. Check with your PI, advisor, or department chair for more information about necessary documentation and school or college process.