To The Top
  • Appropriate adjustments may be necessary for students or faculty who are at risk for developing severe illnesses (or caring for those at such risk) and those with poor internet service.
  • If campus guidance requires face coverings in classrooms, this should be followed for committee meetings and/or written examinations that may be conducted with multiple students in the same room.
  • Anyone who requests participation remotely should be accommodated, and if a formal accommodation is presented, there must be no risk of reprisal.
  • All students and faculty will need access to video conferencing programs if the defense is scheduled virtually (Zoom is preferred because it is supported by the University and has security features).
  • All degree forms (e.g., M1-3, Sp1-3, D1-4) can be signed using Adobe electronic signatures and sent to mugradimaging@ by the department/program contact or DGS.
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