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Officially approved as:

Stand Alone: Yes

Total Credit Hours:  12

Certificate description:

The Aerospace Engineering Graduate Certificate is recommended for anyone who wishes to pursue a careers in the field of Aerospace Engineering as a Senior Engineer, Project Engineer, Staff Engineer, Engineering Manager, or Program Manager. Students who complete the certificate will learn:

  1. The ability to apply the fundamentals of both incompressible and compressible flows, wing and airfoil theory, and fluid kinematics and dynamics.
  2. How to analyze aircraft engines and spacecraft propulsion systems.
  3. The mechanics and design issues associated with aerospace structures; including the analysis of thin skins with stiffeners for external surfaces, bulkheads and frames for shape support, and fasteners for holding components together.
  4. How to analyze the flight mechanics of aircraft and spacecraft, including flight performance, flight dynamics and stability, orbital maneuvers, and flight control.

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