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Mizzou provides housing opportunities both on campus and off campus for graduate and professional students and for students with families.

On Campus Living

University Student Apartments

Residential Life has limited on-campus housing for graduate students, including those with partners and/or families.

Off-Campus Living

Graduate students at MU can also find housing options in The District in downtown Columbia, in friendly neighborhoods or within apartment communities throughout town. Individual and joint leases are available in a wide range of housing options from apartments to townhomes, condos and houses.

Possible types of leases include:

Individual Lease

Most undergraduate students opt for the individual lease option, as it allows you to be the only person on your lease, and you are responsible only for your portion of rent and utilities, if they’re included in your monthly payments. Most apartments offering this lease have an overabundance of 3 or 4 bedroom units and a wide range of amenities.

Note: These types of apartments are usually advertised at a rent cost of “per person” or “per bathroom.” For example, rent for a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom unit might be $480 per person.

Joint Lease

Graduate and professional students typically prefer this type of housing option, as it requires everyone who will be living in the space to sign one lease. In this instance, all parties are liable for rent and utilities, even in the event that one roommate cannot pay their portion of the bills.

Note: These types of leases are advertises at a rent cost “per unit.” For example, a 3 bedroom duplex might cost $900 per unit and would break down to $300 per person for 3 people or $450 for 2 people.

No matter where you live in town, you’re never more than a 15-minute drive away from campus. The Public Bus system and shuttle services, as well as bike-friendly trails make commuting to campus easy.

6 Steps to Finding the Right Graduate Student Housing Option for You

Off-campus Student Services provides additional information to consider throughout each step of the housing selection process. These questions are designed to help you find the right off-campus option for you during your graduate school at the University of Missouri:

  1. Get to know Columbia.
    • What types of living arrangements are available in Columbia?
    • What types of properties exist in Columbia?
    • What areas have the most access to grocery stores and shopping?
    • Do you know of an area that you would prefer to live in?
      • For what reasons?
      • Are there any other areas in Columbia that can offer the same benefits?
  2. Determine what housing you can actually afford.
    • What sources of income or financial support do you have to cover your housing expenses (i.e. parent or guardian support, savings, external sponsorships, etc.)?
    • Will you have a job while you are in school? What is your estimated monthly income?
    • Will you be utilizing financial aid such as, scholarships, grants, fellowships, or student loans to cover all or part of your housing expenses?
    • Based on the above information, what can you afford to spend on your housing expenses, and does that dollar amount include utilities, cable and internet?
  3. Do your property research.
    • What type of living arrangement are you seeking, individual leasing or a joint lease?
    • What living options are within your price range?
    • Are you planning to have roommates?
    • Will you drive, bike, walk or take a bus to campus?
    • What are your “must haves” in an apartment?
    • What are the rules and fees surrounding parking on and off campus?
  4. Take the final steps.
    • What will your application fees costs?
    • Do you have to pay a security deposit?
    • Do you need a cosigner or guarantor?
      • Who will this be?
    • Do you understand the lease and rental terminology?
    • Do you understand your rights and responsibilities as a renter?
  5. Move into your new apartment.
    • Do know what to do and look for during the move-in process?
    • Do you have a working camera and place to securely store pictures?
    • Do you know what to do if you have concerns on walk-through day?
    • Do you know how to set up your utilities?
  6. Get settled into your new place.
    • Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a renter?
    • How do you plan to keep yourself and your belongings safe?
    • Are you aware of the common ways fires are started in rental properties?
    • Do you know when your trash day is?
    • Is your Renter’s Insurance active?