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Applying to Graduate School requires thought and preparation

Grad School 101 Professional Development Series provides current undergraduate students a Glimpse into the Graduate School application process with the resources, programming, and support necessary to achieve their aspirations for graduate study.

The Grad School 101: Professional Development Series aims to help Mizzou undergraduates learn about graduate school through four sessions. Each semester will see the series repeated up to three times. In the Fall semester, the series will take place in September, October, and November, and in the Spring semester, February, March, and April. There will be two series modalities, in-person and online.

Description of the Series

Session 1: What is Grad School, and Is it For Me?

  • This session will discuss degree options (master’s, specialist, doctorate), career choices with a graduate degree, the difference between a traditional graduate degree and a professional one, an overview of the funding structure, and considerations for pursuing graduate school.
  • Who is this for? All undergraduates who want to explore further education after their bachelor’s.

Session 2: How Can I Identify a Graduate Program for My Needs?

  • This session will discuss identifying graduate programs, connecting career aspirations with the appropriate graduate degree, reading and finding pertinent information about a program (focus, faculty, funding, resources), and a timeline to optimize chances of getting into graduate school.
  • Who is this for? Juniors and Seniors.

Session 3: How do I Assemble my Application for Graduate School?

  • This session will discuss application components like personal statements and recommendation letters, provide tips for assembling materials, and provide a checklist for the next steps.
  • Who is this for? Juniors and Seniors who attended Session 2 or already identified a graduate program.

Session 4: Graduate Student Panel

  • This session will be a conversation with graduate students on how they navigated applying to graduate school, what they wished they knew beforehand, and their advice for prospective graduate students.
  • Who is this for? All undergraduate students focus on Juniors and Seniors who attended Sessions 2 and 3 or have already started a graduate school application.

For registration, go to MU Engage, click Groups, and search for Graduate School. Choose the session that is right for you.

Fall 2024 Series and Dates

September Series: Session 1 on Sep 3 at 10 am; Session 2 on Sep 10 at 10 am; Session 3 on Sep 17 at 10 am; and Session 4 on Sep 24 at 10 am.

October Series: Session 1 on Oct 4 at 12 pm; Session 2 on Oct 11 at 12 pm; and Session 3 on Oct 18 at 12 pm.

November Series – Online series: Session 1 on Nov 4 at 1 pm; Session 2 on Nov 11 at 5 pm; Session 3 on Nov 18 at 5 pm; and Session 4 on Nov 20 at 5 pm.


Questions regarding the Grad School 101 Series should be directed to CIE Director Dr. Raquel A. Arouca at