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Research is a cornerstone of advanced studies.

The University of Missouri Graduate School is fully committed to the principles of Responsible Conduct of Research, as evidenced by the availability of a growing number graduate-level RCR courses.

Mizzou students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty should all participate in RCR training and related Institutional Review Board training. The National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health now mandate that institutions provide RCR training to undergraduate, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are funded by federal research dollars.

Most Americans report highly favorable attitudes toward scientific research. These attitudes will change if cases of research misconduct, falsification of data, improper cash payments and authorship misappropriation are not addressed by a decisive change in the research culture. This project shapes that culture from its inception by training the future professorate — graduate students and postdoctoral fellows — in the responsible conduct of research.


Through RCR, Mizzou aims to:

  • Implement an innovative and integrated set of training activities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
  • Develop instruments to assess:
    • Student learning of skills and competencies about research responsibility issues.
    • Perceptions of student learning of skills and competencies about research responsibility issues.
    • Impact of RCR training on academic program culture.
    • Student and faculty participation in RCR training.
  • Communicate information about these training activities to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and the broader graduate community.

RCR Training

Mizzou is a subscriber to the Web-based Collaborative Institutional Review Board Training Initiative.

Consult the MU Research site for details about research integrity.

Note: Curriculum includes modules for Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training in various academic disciplines.

RCR Courses

In compliance with federal mandates, the MU Graduate School maintains a list of all RCR courses offered at Mizzou:

  • BIOCHM 8060 Ethical Conduct of Research (Biochemistry)
  • BIO_SCI 8060 Ethical Conduct of Research (Biological Sciences)
  • HDFS 8001 Scholarship, Teaching and Research Ethics Across Disciplines (STREAD)
  • MPP 8001 Scholarship, Teaching and Research Ethics Across Disciplines (STREAD)
  • MPP 8415 Ethic Education by Engagement, Enactment, and Empowerment (Medical Pharmacology and Physiology)
  • Nurse9131 Responsible Conduct of Research in the Health and Social Sciences (Nursing)
  • Plant_S8010 Professionalism and Ethics (Plant Sciences)
  • V_PBIO8641 Introduction to Research Ethics (Vet Pathobiology)

Read the official course descriptions and schedule of classes in myZou.