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The UM Visiting Graduate Student Program offers eligible graduate students a streamlined process for applying and registering for graduate courses on other UM campuses.

Application Process

To participate in the UM System Visiting Graduate Student Program, a graduate student must be:

  • A degree-seeking graduate student at one of the UM System schools.
  • In good-standing on the home campus and host campus.

To apply for this program, a UM System Visiting Graduate Student Application should be completed and submitted to the home campus graduate office for certification at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester.

The graduate student’s home campus graduate office will review the form; if approved, the home campus graduate office will transmit the approved form to the host campus graduate office. The host campus will notify the student when they are eligible to register for courses.

All course fees are paid to the host campus. Graduate students should contact their home campus financial aid office for more information on financial aid. Tuition/fee waivers generally do not transfer to the host campus.

With regard to financial aid, MU has a Dual Enrollment Visiting Consortium Agreement . The consortium allows MU to count hours taken at one of our sister campuses toward financial aid eligibility. Students must complete the agreement and have it processed by both financial aid offices on the home campus and the host campus. Financial aid is applied to the student’s home campus bill, and excess funds are refunded to the student. The home campus will not send financial aid to the host campus. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the host institution is paid.

International (non-U.S. citizen) students should consult the international student office on their home campus to determine eligibility for this program.

Important Points

  • No application fee is required for this program.
  • The home campus determines maximum enrollment requirements and the transferability of courses taken at other UM campuses. At MU, all courses taken in UM Visiting Graduate Student Program will be considered transfer courses and are subject to MU’s graduate course transfer policies.
  • Visiting UM Graduate Students are subject all host campus registration requirements and restrictions.
  • To officially transfer courses from the host campus to the home campus, students must order an official transcript from the host campus and comply with the home campus’s transfer policies and processes.