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The Graduate School requires all master’s, educational specialists, and doctoral students to submit an annual report of academic progress. At a minimum, graduate students should report on their academic progress, completion of required forms, awards and honors, conferences, presentations, publications, service activities, creative activities, funding activities, employment, and job placement. Academic program faculty or administrators may require additional indicators of performance or achievement to accommodate the needs of their programs.

Note: The Graduate School currently only coordinates annual reviews for PhD students and graduate assistantships in myVITA. Academic programs are responsible for coordinating annual reviews of master’s, educational specialists, and other doctoral students.

2023 Annual Review Process for PhD Students

The Graduate School coordinates annual review process for all Ph.D. students through myVITA.  myVITA is an online reporting system that captures activities related to research, teaching, service, scholarship, and creative works in one place. It is the same system used by faculty for annual reviews. The timeline for 2022-23 annual reviews is as follows:

March 1 – March 24 (Friday before Spring Break)

PhD students must (1) update the Activities form with any accomplishments in progress or completed from June 1, 2022 to May 31, 2023 and (2) submit the Self-Report in myVITA.

March 25 – May 5 (Reading Day)

Faculty advisors must (1) review each student’s Activity Report and (2) submit and Evaluation form. The form also includes space for a performance evaluation of the student’s graduate assistantship in the event that the advisor also supervised the student’s assistantship.

May 6 – May 23 (Grades Due Date)

Directors of graduate studies (DGS) have the option to complete an Acknowledgement form. This step gives the DGS the opportunity to review both the self-report and evaluation forms and can be used to provide additional feedback or send probation letters.


Instruction guides and training opportunities coming soon.


If you have any questions regarding the annual review process or myVITA, please email

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