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The Graduate School requires all master’s, educational specialists, and doctoral students to submit an annual report of academic progress. At a minimum, graduate students should report on their academic progress, completion of required forms, awards and honors, conferences, presentations, publications, service activities, creative activities, funding activities, employment, and job placement. Academic program faculty or administrators may require additional indicators of performance or achievement to accommodate the needs of their programs.

Note: The Graduate School is currently adapting myVITA to replace the Graduate Student Progress System (GSPS). For Spring 2021, a small group of programs will be piloting myVITA (see below for instructions). All other graduate students should continue to contact their academic program for information regarding the annual review process.

Spring 2021 myVITA Pilot

For the 2020-21 annual review period, the Graduate School will be conducting a pilot of myVITA with a small group of doctoral programs.  The major steps for participating programs are outlined below. Note that some program programs may have earlier or later deadlines than stated below.  A full list of participating programs, contacts, and specific deadlines can be found in the myVITA Grad Program Listing.

Note: All currently enrolled degree-seeking graduate students are now able to login to myVITA but only those participating in the pilot will have access to the necessary forms.

Student completes the Profile, Activities, and Self-Report forms in myVITA by May 15
– Please refer to the myVITA Graduate Student Guide for more detailed instructions
Faculty Advisor completes the Evaluation form for each advisee in myVITA by May 31
– Please refer to the myVITA Faculty Advisor Guide for more detailed instructions
Director of Graduate Studies accesses completed materials starting June 1



If you have any questions regarding the annual review process or myVITA, please email

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