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Application for Completion
of Graduate Degrees, Certificates,
and Minors

Failure to follow the instructions outlined below may result in the deletion of the application or a delay in the posting of your degree or certificate.
This application is for graduate students only and should only be submitted if you are completing a degree or certificate during the Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 semester.  If you are receiving an undergraduate degree or a professional degree (JD, DVM, MD, DPT, OT),  please consult your individual college for additional information.


You will receive separate registration information about commencement.
A Plan of Study must be on file with the Graduate School before completing this application.
Please review your program and advisor information in myZou prior to completing this application. Contact your program to address any discrepancies.  Please note, you must be admitted and actively pursuing the degree, certificate or minor you plan to complete.
If you do not complete your degree or certificate this term, you will need to complete this application again.
If you are receiving multiple degrees including a doctoral degree, please list your doctoral degree first.
Do not type your responses in ALL CAPS.
You will receive a confirmation email after completing the application.
  • Please review and contact the Graduate School if you need to report an error.
It is recommended you save the confirmation for your records.
Complete Your Application for Graduation
IMPORTANT: Following the completion of this application, you must log in to myZou and complete the Application for Graduation that is accessible through your Student Center.  This process will allow you to verify name and address information and will help to prepare your record so that your degree or certificate is awarded correctly.  Please note, you must be admitted and actively pursuing the degree, certificate or minor which you plan to complete.
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