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The Center for Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education (CIE) strives to connect undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities and information about graduate education; advocate for the value of inclusion and equity in academia; work to remove barriers to graduate education for all students; and engage with the internal and external campus community to support a diverse campus community.

Currently, CIE provides programs to supplement support for graduate students, prepares undergraduate students for graduate education, and offers resources and guidance for graduate recruitment and retention professionals at MU.


CIE’s outreach to help increase inclusion and equity in graduate education.

The TigerView campus visitation program brings prospective graduate students with a serious interest in pursuing a graduate degree at Mizzou to our campus for a two-day visit filled with workshops, informational presentations, visits with campus resources and programs, and networking opportunities.

Every fall semester, CIE sponsors a campus visitation program for prospective students who are genuinely interested in pursuing graduate school and have an interest in one of MU’s graduate programs. Travel expenses, accommodations, and meals during their time in Columbia, MO are provided by the program.

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First-Year Scholars Program

CIE supports a selected cohort of incoming underrepresented graduate students.

The First-Year Scholars Program is designed to help participants throughout their first year in graduate school at Mizzou, and to develop a cohort of support.

The First-Year Scholars Program is designed to help participants throughout their first year in graduate school at Mizzou, and to develop a cohort of support. Programming revolves around essential tools to navigate gradute education, information, and resources needed to enhance their successful pursuit and completion of a graduate program. Througout the academic year, the program hosts bi-monthly seminars and various social activities, the program seeks to:

  • Equip students with the basic skills required to make a comfortable transition into the graduate school culture
  • Provide students with information on requirements and expectations in their department and the Graduate School
  • Introduce students to specific protocols necessary for success in their program of study
  • Familiarize students with available University and departmental resources, key personnel and support networks, and the means to access them
  • Connect students with other graduate students from diverse backgrounds, student organizations, administrators, and faculty at MU
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Glimpse into Graduate School

CIE’s outreach to all MU undergraduate students.

Grad School 101 Professional Development Series provides current undergraduate students a Glimpse into the Graduate School application process with the resources, programming, and support necessary to achieve their aspirations for graduate study.

The Grad School 101: Professional Development Series aims to help Mizzou undergraduates learn about graduate school through four sessions. Each semester will see the series repeated up to three times. In the Fall semester, the series will take place in September, October, and November, and in the Spring semester, February, March, and April. There will be two series modalities, in-person and online.

For more information and current schedule, visit the Glimpse webpage.

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