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Master’s and EdS

Regalia Instructions

Wear your cap, gown and hood during the entire processional and ceremony.
  1. Put on the gown. Zip it half way up the front.
  2. Place the pointed end of the hood over your head and around your neck and shoulders with velvet side up.
  3. Smooth the fabric flat over your shoulders.
  4. Safety pin the cord from the hood to the inside of your robe or loop the cord over a shirt button.
  5. Ask another person to check the back of your hood to ensure it’s positioned correctly. The inside satin should be slightly rolled out.
  6. Place the cap on your head with the point in front. Tassel goes on the left (same side as your heart).


Regalia and Hooding Instructions

Carry your hood. Wear your cap and gown.
  1. Put on your gown and close the zipper.
  2. Wear cap with the pointed end to the front. The tam may be worn on top of the head or slightly toward the back of your head. The tassel goes on the left (same side as your heart).
  3. Carry your doctoral hood. Grasp the small end, velvet side out, and hold up the hood.
  4. Fold the hood in half. Drape the hood over your left arm, placing the small end to the outside, away from your body. The velvet lays next to your wrist.
  5. Walk with your hood draped over your arm as you process.
  6. Continue to hold the folded hood until it is time to give it to your advisor.
  7. When it is time for hooding, stand up as comfortable and able. Grasp the small end of the hood and hand it to your advisor. Your advisor will unfold and open the hood.
  8. With your back toward your advisor, they will then place the hood over your head and make certain that your satin is slightly visible. (Tip: If you are taller than your advisor, you may have to bend forward slightly so that they can get the hood over your head).

Congratulations! Have a wonderful commencement!