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Accelerated master’s degree programs allow exceptional students at Mizzou the opportunity to complete the requirements for both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees at an accelerated pace, usually with just one additional year and at a lower cost.

Qualified students may earn up to 15 credit hours of graduate coursework while finishing their undergraduate degree. Students should apply before reaching 90 undergraduate credit hours and be admitted to an accelerated program. Students apply using the standard Graduate School application for admission. Please note that students may pursue only one accelerated master’s degree; enrollment in more than one accelerated program is not an option.

Below is the list of approved accelerated master’s programs. Click on the program to find application requirements and contact information.

Timeline for Accelerated Master’s Students

3rd Year (Undergraduate): Qualified MU undergraduate students may apply to an accelerated master’s program by submitting the standard Graduate School online application.
  • Accelerated master’s applicants apply like regular graduate applicants, except that they will be applying two or three semesters before they will formally transition to full graduate status.
4th Year (Undergraduate): Once admitted, accelerated master’s students will take undergraduate and graduate classes as an undergraduate student until they reach 120 credit hours.
  • During this period, accelerated master’s students will be able to take up to 15 hours of graduate credit under the Senior Dual Enrollment program while maintaining their undergraduate financial aid status.
  • The bachelor’s degree will be awarded when the requirements of the bachelor’s degree have been met.
5th Year (Graduate): Accelerated master’s students will transition to full graduate status when they reach at least 120 hours.
  • During this period, accelerated master’s students will enroll in graduate classes as a graduate student. Students will also be eligible to apply for fellowships and teaching/research assistantships through their graduate program if available.
  • The master’s degree will be awarded when the requirements of the master’s degree have been met.