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Please see the FAQ for the Preparing Future Faculty for Inclusive Excellence Program. If do not find an answer to your question, please contact us at

Yes. This opportunity is open to everyone, including international scholars. 

Yes. To be eligible, you must have completed your doctoral degree, or expect to complete your degree no later than July 1st of the year the Post-Doctoral Fellowship would begin.

Yes. Even if you have earned your doctorate already, you are eligible to apply. 

Yes. Even if you are already a postdoctoral scholar somewhere, you can still apply. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to review CVs for eligibility. If you have already or will have earned a doctorate no later than July 1st of the year the Post-doctoral Fellowship will begin, and your current or future research interest aligns with the participating programs (see the call), you are welcome to apply.

Not every program participates every year. However, many programs are interdisciplinary in nature. If your discipline is not listed, check the call to see if your past and/or future research areas align with other participating departments/programs.

Unfortunately, we are not able to review CVs for eligibility. Many programs are interdisciplinary in nature, check the current call and read the description provided by the programs that are hiring to assess your match.

No. Please do not submit more than one application. You will be able to indicate which program or programs to direct your application to when you complete your application.

You will not be able to submit more than one application unless you use different email addresses. Please contact us at if you have submitted more than one application using multiple email addresses.

While we are flexible with your start date, we want you to start early in the fall semester. It is a cohort program, and we want the scholars to have the full experience. 

Your cover letter should be addressed to the Associate Dean of the Graduate School. In addition to describing your interest in applying to the program and justifying your application, the cover letter should include the date your degree was or will be awarded, the discipline (and subdiscipline if relevant) of the degree, and the name of the institution awarding the degree.

Please find the name of the Associate Dean of the Graduate School for Postdoctoral Education on the Graduate School Staff Directory page.

The Writing Sample should be completed work such as peer-reviewed publications, conference publications, book chapters, or excerpts from your dissertation. 

The Writing Sample is your completed work. e.g., peer-reviewed journal publications, conference proceedings, submitted grant applications (even if it is unsuccessful), full or a portion of books or book chapters, etc.
It is not about your completed work.

If you have multiple documents, combine your documents into one PDF file.

Please be aware that the maximum number of pages for the Writing Sample is 40.

No. Though the maximum number of pages allowed for the Writing Sample is 40 pages, the number of pages does not have any positive or negative effect on your application. 

In your Statement of experience & expertise, please share your philosophy of inclusive excellence. You may include your lived experience and ways you have applied an inclusive framework to your scholarship and professional life.

Limit your Statement of experience & expertise to 1-2 pages single-spaced.

The statement of goals should describe your personal and educational background, goals for the postdoctoral scholar position, and research interests. (1-3 pages single spaced)

No. You are not expected to contact your potential mentors. 

You are not required to identify your future mentors. However, please feel free to contact someone to see if they would serve as one of your mentors.

No. We give 3 more days for your references to submit their reference letters. The deadline to submit the reference letters is 3 days after the deadline for applications.

No. When you complete the application, you will have the opportunity to enter the contact information of your references. When you complete and click on “Send to recommender” your reference (the letter writer) will get an email requesting them to submit the recommendation letter. There will be a web link in the email to click and submit the letter.

Once you click on “Send to recommender” you will not be able to update information for that particular reference.

You will be able to monitor the progress in the application portal. You will also receive notification when a reference (recommendation letter writer) submits their letters.

Yes. However, you can list only 4 references at a time. If you have 4 references already and need to put a new name and contact information, you will need to delete one existing reference.

The PFFIE selection process has multiple levels of screening. The process starts immediately after the deadline for the recommendation letters and takes around four months. Typically, the second and third month of the selection process happens at the departmental level. If the department considers someone, they will reach out to the candidates for interviews. Successful applicants get offers from the departments.

Postdocs are considered staff by Humans Resources. See the current benefits for university staff here.