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The Graduate School regularly offers for-credit courses to enhance students’ knowledge and skills to better prepare them for their future careers.

Preparing for Future Careers

GRAD 9010/9020: Preparing Future Faculty (1 credit hour each)

The Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) course includes a series of activities designed to expose graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to the realities of teaching, research, and service in higher education.

The course aims to enable graduates to make the transition successfully to employment in the academic community equipped with a realistic knowledge of academic culture, behavioral expectations and career expectations. Click here to learn more.

GRAD 9050: Preparing Future Professionals for Post-Graduate Studies Careers (1 credit hour)

This specialized leadership and transferable skills course aims to help students recognize their potential and versatility for careers within and beyond the academy. Beyond leadership theory, the course is framed by 4 competency areas: 1) Analytic competencies; 2) Personal competencies; 3) Communication competencies and 4) Organizational competencies. Learning is enhanced with short text readings and videos in the course management system.

Academic Writing

GRAD 9040: Academic and Professional Writing for Graduate Students (2 credit hours)

Designed for graduate students of all program areas, disciplines, and levels of experience, this course focuses on writing as a process. We will analyze writing at both the macro and micro levels with the goal of improving students’ own writing organization, structure, and clarity. To support this learning, participants will begin by locating themselves within the larger academic and disciplinary writing communities. Throughout the semester, participants will write towards their academic requirements and will receive continuous feedback on their writing. Each class session will feature a focus on an academic writing component and language element. By the end of the course, graduate writers will have developed a writing repertoire to help improve their fluency, output, and skill.

English Language Proficiency

GRAD 8200: Graduate and Professional Communication Strategies for Global English Speakers-I (3-credit course load)

This class emphasizes development of rhythm and pitch in oral communication, and compensation strategies to increase Global English efficacy when exchanging messages between listeners and speakers. It provides information on student-centered learning, teacher engagement, and overview of learning objectives in the context of creating a teaching presentation. It explains the process of facilitating discussion in the classroom and the mechanics of language for Global English Speakers during discussions. This course is appropriate for ITAP level 2 students wishing to improve their communicative skills to take on TA positions to lead recitations, discussion or review sessions, or studio classes. It is also appropriate for level 2.5 students who have a goal of level 4, in which case GRAD 8200 can be followed by GRAD 8300 to help students progress toward their goal. Additionally, this class can be taken by postdoctoral scholars who are seeking to improve fluency and ease of interaction for professional development. Click here to learn more about ITAP levels and program. Enrollment requires instructor consent. Graded on S/U basis only. Please complete this Course Request Form. This course requires ITAP level 2, TOEFL speaking 23, or IELTS speaking 7.0.

GRAD 8300: Graduate and Professional Communication Strategies for Global English Speakers-II (3-credit course load)

This class focuses on the development of extended speech including phrasing, mood, and complex grammatical structures. It provides strategies to tailor speech to specific audiences including varying structure, vocabulary, grammar, and tone to engage, structure, interact, and inform. It includes strategies to identify and navigate difficult situations in the classroom. This course is appropriate for ITAP level 2.5 students (with the end-goal of level 3) wishing to concurrently lead recitations, discussions, reviews, or studio classes as well as for level 3 students. For level 2.5 students wishing to attain level 4, taking GRAD 8200 first, then taking this course, may be a better course of study. Additionally, this class can be taken by graduate students/postdoctoral scholars who wish to improve their interpersonal communication and interactive presentation skills for professional development. This course is listed as zero credit hours for the purposes of billing; however, the workload is equivalent to a 3-credit course. Consult your advisor and/or international center about recommended number of hours to take in addition to this class. Graded on S/U basis only. Prerequisites: ITAP language level 2.5 (formerly 3P), or TOEFL/IELTS speaking score 24/7.5. or instructor consent. Click here to learn more about ITAP levels and program. Please complete this Course Request Form.