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Promoting a diverse campus community
In order to promote diversity on campus, an integral part of Mizzou’s mission, values and efforts toward a more inclusive graduate community, the Graduate School houses the Center for Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education (CIE). The Graduate School is dedicated to enhancing the intellectual stimulation that comes from a diverse campus community.
CIE's goal is to promote a diverse campus community through engagement with current and future students; partnerships with faculty and staff; and presentations/workshops that further knowledge of the value of diversity in graduate education, and provide information for underrepresented students about navigating graduate admissions' processes. The diversity initiatives offered by CIE involve all phases of graduate education - recruitment, admissions, retention, and degree completion - as well as addressing issues of campus climate. CIE is led by Dr. Raquel A. Arouca, the Director of Recruitment, Retention, and Diversity Initiatives.

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A More Inclusive Graduate Community


The Center for Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education (CIE) offers the following programs to provide a more inclusive graduate community at Mizzou:
For more information on diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts at the University of Missouri at large, please visit the Division of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity’s website.

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