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Grievance Process for Postdoctoral Scholars

Grievance Process for Postdoctoral Scholars Postdoctoral appointees should be made aware of the options that are available to resolve problems that might arise between the appointee and the mentor during the period of their appointment. Although the types of remediation available to employee and stipend-funded postdocs differ in some respects, the first course of action

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Intellectual Property & Research Guidelines for Postdoctoral Scholars

Intellectual Property & Research Guidelines for Postdoctoral Scholars Postdoctoral scholars must be made aware that the use and disposition of all data, software, research records and other materials generated in association with their training at Mizzou must be carried out in accordance with university policy. Learn more about intellectual property and copyright. Export Controls/Select Agents for Postdoctoral

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International Postdoctoral Scholar Policies

International Postdoctoral Scholar Policies Whether in the classroom or in the research laboratory, international scholars play a critical role by contributing special skills and unique perspectives to the university’s teaching, research, and outreach mission. Mizzou hosts more than 900 of the estimated 134,000 international scholars engaged in teaching and research at U.S. institutions annually. The

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Postdoctoral Appointment Process

Postdoctoral Appointment Process Mizzou is committed to cultivating a campus environment that will encourage research excellence, independent thinking, and professional development in our postdoctoral scholar community. To facilitate this goal, a postdoctoral policy was approved for the Mizzou campus in September 2004. This policy is designed to identify the primary responsibilities and expectations of postdoctoral

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Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits & Funding

Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits & Funding Postdoctoral scholars who are paid salaries from Mizzou funds, including grants and contracts, and are classified as university employees and receive the same health, leave, educational assistance and retirement benefits as faculty and staff. Postdoctoral scholars who cannot be considered salaried university employees because they receive stipend or salary support

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Travel Approval

All university-related travel that is supported fully or in part by university funds, including any travel awards, departmental or program funding, or faculty support, must be authorized in advance of the travel. Please consult your department or program about the process they will follow for supervisor approval. To report planned and submit travel authorization for

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