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Why We Love CoMo

Columbia, MO is where the heart is.

In addition to the information about Our Community, the following resources may be helpful to you as you transition to Columbia or as you progress in your degree program.


Columbia is home to nationally renowned public schools, including two top-ranked high schools. It also supports other institutes of higher education, including Columbia College, which is ranked among “America’s Best Colleges” by U.S. News & World Report, and Stephens College, a women’s college known for its fashion, film and fine arts.

Life-long education is a shared community value in Columbia. From preschool through retirement, the campus and city offer diverse, high-quality educational options. Columbia offers a public school system that annually produces some of the largest numbers of national merit scholars in the state, 18 parochial and private schools, four special-needs training facilities, an adult education center and a lifelong learning institute.