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Degree program changes may include substantive changes to the curriculum or discontinuation of a program; however, degree program name changes are the most common.
Degree program change proposals should include (1) rationale for the change in the form of a cover letter, (2) the current curriculum or name (depending upon the proposed change), and (3) the proposed change. When a discontinuation of a degree is requested, the impact on current students should be addressed. Refer to the following template for more guidance. Accelerated degree program proposals follow a slightly different process, which is outlined below.

The process for making changes to degree program begins with the department curriculum committee and may require the approval of the division curriculum committee, the dean, the Graduate Faculty Senate, and the Dean of the Graduate School, prior to the approval by both the Provost and the Chancellor. Once approved by the Provost and the Chancellor, the paperwork will be forwarded to the UM System Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval and transmittal to the Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE). Change processes vary depending upon the nature of the proposed change. See the Provost’s website for information about the types of changes and related steps of approval.

Once the dean of the academic unit has approved the request, send the completed proposal to the Graduate School.

Accelerated Graduate Programs

Accelerated programs are based upon existing graduate degree programs. Such programs are created for high-achieving students with the ability to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree at an accelerated pace. Students in these programs will be admitted as provisional graduate students to the accelerated program and can take up to 15 hours of credit that will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees (shared credits). The process for approving accelerated programs requires completing an Accelerated Degree Program Proposal and seeking approval from the appropriate department and division curriculum committees and dean. Next, the proposal should be submitted to the Graduate School. The proposal must be reviewed and approved by the Graduate Faculty Senate and the Office of the Provost.

Department Name Change Proposal

Contact the Office of the Provost for the process governing department name changes, as well as mergers, consolidations, and creation of new departments, schools, or colleges.