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The Sixth Annual Graduate and Postdoctoral Awards Ceremony

Distinguished Dissertation Award

2020: Karl Kerns (Animal Science)
Angela Haeny (Psychological Sciences)
Youngjae Jeong (Biochemistry)
Paula Hunt (Journalism)
2016: Autumn Dolan (History)
2015: Ilker Ersoy (Computer Science)
2014: Jeongmin Choi (Plant Sciences)*
2013: Eleftherios Michailidis (Microbiology)
2012: Amanda Gilchrist (Psychology)
2011: Andrew Moon (Philosophy)
2010: Jessica Trioilo (Human Development and Family Science)
2009: Brian Kaylor (Communication)
2008: Ali Arab (Statistics)
2008: Candice Morey (Psychology)
2007: Mark Geiger (History)
2007: Vladyslav Yaskin (Mathematics)
2006: Mary Meghan Davidson (Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology)
2005: Jeremy Neely (History)
2004: Laura Rotunno (English)
2003: Seow Ting Lee (Journalism)
2002: Xiaochun Li (Mathematics)
2001: Steven Latta (Biological Sciences)

*Awarded Council of Graduate School (CGS) National Dissertation of the Year in Biological and Life Sciences

Dissertation Discipline Awards

2020: Lisa Groshong (Natural Resources)
Bradley Nullmeyer (Mathematics/Physical Science/Engineering); Megan Schraedley (Humanities); Vinit Shanbhag (Biology and Life Science)
Pamela Ostby, Biological and Life Sciences (Nursing)
2017: Abigail Allen, Social Sciences (Special Education)
2016: Jennifer Hulett, Biological and Life Sciences (Nursing)
2016: Mike Prentice, Social Sciences (Psychological Sciences)

Distinguished Thesis Award

2020: Kelly Boland (Psychological Sciences)
Kelsey Irvin (Psychological Sciences)
Olha Kholod (Pathology and Anatomical Science)
Seth Wiesman (Computer Science)
2016: Kira Marshall (Animal Sciences)
2015: Jenna Rice (History)
2014: Zhiyuan Chen (Animal Science)
2013: Sarah Lirley McCune (History)
2012: Kittinun Vantasin (Computer Sciences)
2011: Anna Docherty (Psychology)
2010: Nicole Poythress Waters (Pathobiology Area Program)
2009: Ibrahim Almosallam (Computer Science)
2008: Juliette Paul (English)
2007: Amanda Logan (Anthropology)
2006: Kathleen Carson (Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis)
2005: Jacob Vigil (Psychological Sciences)
2004: Karen Elaine Laird (English)
2003: Rebecca Wilford-Hammett (Geography)
2002: Craig Sullivan (Sociology)
2001: Dorothee Schuetz (German and Russian Studies)

Thesis Discipline Awards

2016: Colton Ochsner, Humanities and Fine Arts (History)

Donald K. Anderson Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

2020: Milla Titova (Psychological Sciences)
Katelyn Harlin (English)
Mike Corcoran (Psychological Sciences) and Chang Su-Russell (Human Development and Family Science)
Luke Russell (Human Development and Family Science)
2016: Hunter Hampton (History)
2015: Hesam Oveys (Mathematics)
2014: Jennifer Wiard (History)
2013: Cassandra Yacovazzi (History)
2012: Claire Schmidt (English)
2011: Steven C. Smith (History)
2010: Rebecca Jacobs-Polley (History)
2010: Thomas O’Donnell (Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences)
2009: Tyler B. Jamison (Human Development and Family Science)
2009: Emily Rosko (English)
2008: Jennifer Beggs Weber (Sociology)
2008: Tiffany Ziegler (History)
2007: Brett Johnson (Theatre)
2007: Scott Tobias (Human Environmental Science)
2006: Crystal Frey (Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences)
2005: Ethan Gannaway (Classical Studies)
2005: Tracy Kitchel (Agricultural Education)
2004: Scott Burris (Agricultural Education)
2003: Sarah Barnhart (Curriculum and Instruction)
2003: Laurie Sonnier (Curriculum and Instruction)
2002: Jason Hans (Human Development and Family Science)
2001: Simon Davies (Statistics)
2001: Angela G. Dowell (Textiles and Apparel Management)

Donald K. Anderson Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award

2020: Jorge Martins (Psychological Sciences)
Jermy Kanter (Human Development and Family Science) and Kyle Stiers (Biochemistry)
Jon Cody (Biological Sciences) and Seyed Moein Rassoulinejad Mousavi (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Anna Lindell (Psychological Sciences)
2016: Andrew Robert Buck (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
2016: Cara Streit (Human Development and Family Sciences)
2015: Samantha Heintzelman (Psychological Sciences)
2014: Kenneth Vail (Psychological Sciences)
2013: Mohammad Sherafati (Physics and Astronomy)
2012: Kristen Veum (Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Sciences)
2011: Lindsay Borden (Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology)
2010: Peng Zhuang (Computer Science)
2009: Denise Bouvrette (Genetics Area Program)
2009: Jacob Burress (Physics and Astronomy)
2008: Joshua A. Hicks (Psychological Sciences)
2007: James Benson (Mathematics)
2007: Tommi White (Biochemistry)
2006: Steven Mullen (Pathobiology Area Program)
2005: Mohan Dasari (Chemical Engineering)
2004: Jason Hans (Human Development and Family Science)
2003: M. Meghan Davidson (Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology)
2002: John Green (Rural Sociology)
2002: Jacob Oleson (Statistics)
2001: Joe Simmons (Pathobiology Area Program)
2001: Adriana J. Umana (Human Environmental Sciences)

Dissertation Year Fellowships

Raymond White Dissertation Year Fellowship

2017: Jannice Wright (Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum)

Gamma Alpha Dissertation Year Fellowship

2017: Elizabeth Gammel (Geological Sciences)
2017: Danielle Griego (History)
2017: Kate Sadler (Special Education)

Graduate Faculty Mentor Award

2020: Colleen Colander (Communications)
Tim Vos (Journalism Studies)
Jianguo Sun (Statistics)
Juilija Sukys (English)
2016: Benyamin Schwarz (Architectural Studies)
2015: Jeremy Taylor (Animal Science)
2014: Peter Vallentyne (Philosophy)
2013: Ronald Phillips (Architectural Studies)
2012: Lloyd Barrow (Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum)
2011: Mitchell McKinney (Communication)
2010: Patricia Friedrichsen (Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum)
2009: Sandra Abell (Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum)
2009: Trudy Lewis (English)
2008: Jean Ispa (Human Development and Family Science)
2008: Michael Smith (Animal Science)
2007: Timothy Trull (Psychological Sciences)
2007: Sheryl Tucker (Chemistry)
2006: Mary Heppner (Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology)
2005: Brent Mallinckrodt (Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology)
2004: Rex Campbell (Rural Sociology)
2003: Puncky Heppner (Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology)
2002: Marilyn Colemen (Human Development and Family Science)

Mary Elizabeth Gutermuth Award for Community Engagement

2020: Amnee Elkhalid (Communications)
Teah Monque Hairston (Sociology); Emily Sinnot (Fisheries and Wildlife); Melina Constantine Miseo (Sociology)

Robert N. Epsten Scholarship for International Studies (Truman Good Neighbor Award Foundation)

2020: Michael Wales (Political Science)

Sandra K. Abell Science Education Award

2020: Levi Storks (Biological Sciences); Katherine Guthrie (Biological Sciences)
2019: Makenzie Mabry (Biological Sciences)
2018: Arianna Soldati (Geology)

Postdoctoral Research Award

2020: Man Huynh (Plant Sciences)
Hong An (Biological Sciences)
Erkan Osman (Veterinary Pathobiology)

Postdoctoral Teaching Award

2020: David Aguayo (Education)
Amy Ruopp (Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum)

Postdoctoral Mentor Award

2018: Steven Segal (Medical Pharmacology/Physiology)

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