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These guidelines apply generally to designated and nondesignated minors. For specific guidelines, contact the minor program.


Designated Minors

A designated minor consists of nine to 15 hours of course work formally approved as a graduate minor by an academic program or interdisciplinary group and by the Graduate Faculty Senate. Click here to view a list of available designated minors.

Non-Designated Minors

A non-designated minor consists of a unified plan of study that includes a minimum of nine hours of graduate course work. These minors should be listed on a student’s plan of study; however, they are not listed on a student’s transcript.

Academic Process for Graduate Minors

Getting Approval for a Minor

To complete a minor, designated and non-designated, students must seek approval from:

  • Their major advisor.
  • The Director of Graduate Study (DGS) for their academic program.
  • The Graduate School.