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The Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CP) at the University of Missouri has a rich tradition. Established in 1972, it is the only coordinated program in Missouri and is among the oldest accredited coordinated programs in the United States.

The CP prepares students to become registered dietitians (RD). RDs specialize in applied nutrition and work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals and clinics, schools, business and industry, private practice and public health clinics. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to take the national Registration Examination for Dietitians (RD exam). The five-year pass rate for first-time test takers is 97%.

Beginning January 2016, the CP will accept applications only to the five-year BS to MS Coordinated Program. Students accepted to this program will complete the BS, MS and all necessary supervised practice for RD training. Students will only become eligible to take the RD exam after completing both the BS and MS in this program.

Application and Admission Information

Students apply to the five-year BS to MS Coordinated Program as undergraduates, receive a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and transfer to the Master of Science program. Interested students not already admitted to MU should visit the MU Undergraduate Admissions. Detailed admission information may be found at