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MU is committed to increasing data transparency related to graduate education and outcomes.

The Graduate School is committed to increasing data transparency around graduate education and outcomes to better inform the decision-making of students, programs, and other stakeholders. In 2019, we were one of eight campuses selected to participate in the AAU PhD Education Initiative, which seeks to improve access to data related to PhD programs, career pathways, and employment.

Graduate Program Statistics

  • The Graduate Degree Program Statistics dashboard below presents admissions, enrollment, and completions data for graduate degree-seeking programs/plans(s). It excludes graduate certificates, post-baccalaureate, and professional program students.
  • Filters are located to on the right side of the dashboard. You may select multiple items within and across filters as needed.
  • You may navigate between worksheets using the three tabs at the top of the dashboard. More detailed definitions and other parameters are documented in the third tab.
  • Options for sharing and downloading can be found in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

Graduate Certificate Program Statistics dashboard coming in Fall 2020.

Graduate Career Outcomes Data

The Graduate School administers the career outcomes survey to recent graduate student alumnx up to one year after graduation. If you are a staff or faculty member with information regarding the post-graduation plans of a recent graduate, feel free to complete our Graduate Student Outcomes Entry Form.

Graduate Career Outcomes dashboard coming in early 2021.

Questions & Data Requests

Email Heather Hoffman, if you have any questions or requests related to graduate student data.

Assistance & Accommodations

MU is committed to providing digital access to all users. If you have difficulty accessing these data with adaptive technology or because of a disability, please contact Heather Hoffman for assistance.