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The MU Graduate School is committed to aiding the holistic development of graduate students by providing comprehensive in-person and online professional development resources, often in collaboration with campus partners. Our priorities of assisting with goal setting, skill building, leadership development, and career preparedness are designed for graduate students across all disciplines.

Professional development efforts align with one or more of the eight categories identified by MU Graduate School as essential transferable skills. Through engagement in our professional development program, students are empowered to transition into their chosen profession with confidence.

Fall 2021 Professional Development Calendar


A pdf of the calendar is also available: Calendar_Fall2021_gradESSENTIALS

+ in person session; unmarked sessions are virtual
For in person events: if you are not vaccinated, we ask that you take precautions, wear masks and socially distance. Whether fully vaccinated or not, wearing a mask indoors is recommended to help reduce disease transmission. We will continue to closely watch the situation and adjust our policies in collaboration with local, state, and national guidelines; our medical experts; and community partners.

9       Grading & Providing Feedback on Student Writing. Register on the Grad School Gateway
10     Selecting Your Doctoral Committee, Panel Discussion. Register on the Grad School Gateway
10     Introduction to Open Educational Resources. Register through MU Libraries
11     How to Answer, “What can I do with my PhD?”. Register through Beyond the Professoriate
11     Can’t Relate: Relationship Skills for Friendships, Dating, Family, & More. No registration required! Details
12     Introduction to Grant Writing in the Humanities. Register on the Grad School Gateway
15     Cultural Awareness in the Interview. Register on the Grad School Gateway
17     Crafting Your CV, Resume, & Cover Letter. Register on the Grad School Gateway
17     Entrepreneur Quest Pitch Competition+. No registration required! Details

9       End of Semester Reflection & Goal Setting for Spring 2022. Register on the Grad School Gateway
13     All Day Writing Retreat+. Register on the Grad School Gateway

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