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Job search strategies; preparing job search materials (resume, CV, cover letter); Strengthening interviewing & negotiating skills; Building a personal brand and network; Entrepreneurship

Exploring Diverse Career Paths

Considering a career path outside of higher education? There is a growing interest in alternative careers for academics (“Alt-Ac”) outside of higher education. Professional associations like the American Historical Association, the

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Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Program

Purpose of the PFF Seminar Program The Preparing Future Faculty Seminar Program (PFF) helps doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars learn about faculty roles and job expectations and helps ensure that

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Salary & Benefit Negotiation

Before you negotiate any type of job offer (e.g., academic, business, government, industry, nonprofit), here is what you need to do: Convince yourself that negotiation is in your best interest. Understand the negotiation process and terminology.

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Job Interviews

You can handle any type of an interview if: you understand the selection process, and practice anticipated questions. You should practice answering behavioral interview questions, and the S.T.A.R. interviewing technique is a great

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Academic Job Search

Faculty, research and administration positions in higher education generally are posted on national sites. American Association of Community Colleges Their job bank contains job vacancies at community colleges across the

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In today’s job market, it is likely that networking can help you land a job. Networking takes of bit of getting to know others as well as being known (favorably!) by

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PFF Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The PFF Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is an opportunity for recent Mizzou Ph.D. graduates and current Mizzou postdoctoral fellows to more fully prepare for an academic career. The program’s application deadline occurs

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GRAD 9050: Building Leadership Potential with Transferable Skills

This is a 1 hour specialized leadership and transferable skills course that helps doctoral students recognize their potential and versatility for careers within and beyond the academy.  Framed by Brent Ruben’s

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Transferable Skills

As a grad student or post doc, you are building disciplinary expertise and a repertoire of research skills. Job-specific skills are colloquially referred to as “hard skills.” Less visible, but equally

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