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You can handle any type of an interview if:

  • you understand the selection process, and
  • practice anticipated questions.

You should practice answering behavioral interview questions, and the S.T.A.R. interviewing technique is a great way to organize your thoughts.

What should you wear? To some extent, it depends on the position, discipline and organizational culture, but business attire is recommended will work for any interview. This infographic explains common terminology you hear about business attire according to norms in the US.

Virtual Screening Interviews via Video Technology 

Some employers, including Major League Baseball, use video technology to conduct screening interviews. Here’s the catch: There’s no person on the other end. Using your computer & webcam, you login to a site, read each question and record your answer. Here’s a great article from US News’ Money magazine that offers strategies on how to approach this type of a screening interview.

Resource Pages

MU Career Center on interviewing.

CAFNR Career Services on interviews.


To perform well in a job interview, you MUST practice. MU’s Career Center offers opportunities for mock interviews.

  • Livestream is a FREE service that will help you practice for virtual interviews (and Skype interviews.)
  • Schedule a mock interview at the MU Career Center with a career counselor who acts as the interviewer.