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Adam Northcutt grew up in the small town of DeSoto, MO and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology: Biomedical Sciences from Southeast Missouri State University in 2014.  Following graduation, he became a graduate student in the Division of Biological Sciences at Mizzou. He is a Biology PhD candidate.  As a CIE Ambassador, Adam is happy to serve Mizzou and support diversity initiatives to allow our young professionals to be successful in their programs and careers beyond.

Research Interests: His research interests include understanding the molecular underpinnings of neuron cell identity, as well as providing modern molecular tools to traditional electrophysiology preparations, including the medicinal leech, sea lamprey, Jonah crab, and American lobster.

Campus Involvement:  Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA)

Awards:  T32 Molecular Biology Trainee Grant, McNair Fellowship, National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program Honorable Mention

Future Plans: Upon graduation, Adam plans to seek a position as a research scientist in an industrial setting.

“As a graduate student, one of my favorite moments was the gratification of publishing my first paper.  Being involved in research from the start of a project through its completion gave me a stronger appreciation for science.”