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*This program is eligible for the STEM OPT Extension.

Admission Criteria

Fall deadline: January 15

  • Undergraduate GPA: 3.0
  • Ordinarily, to be accepted for advisement in the PhD program, a student must have a master’s degree in economics, or, alternatively, the student must meet the requirements for admission to the MA program, together with the requirement of an adequate background in economics, mathematics and statistics.

Suggested Minimum GRE Scores

Most successful applicants score at least 160 on the GRE quantitative section and native English speakers generally score at least 150 on the GRE verbal section.

Minimum Language Requirements

Click here to view the minimum English language proficiency test scores

Required Application Materials

For the Graduate School

  • Completed Graduate School online application
  • Unofficial Transcripts- As part of the application submission process, all applicants are required to upload unofficial copies of all post-secondary transcripts to the online application. Official transcripts are only required if accepted by the academic program.
  • Official Results of English Proficiency Exams (International applicants only)

For the Economics Program

All application materials must be uploaded through the Graduate School online application.

  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Personal statement
  • Official GRE scores

Requirements for the doctoral degree

For those entering the program with a bachelor’s degree, the following courses are required:

  • Econ 8370 (mathematics for economics);
  • Econ 9451 and Econ 9452 (microeconomics);
  • Econ 9453 and Econ 9454 (macroeconomics);
  • Econ 9472 and Econ 9473 (econometrics);
  • 6 credit hours of Econ 9413 (PhD research workshop);
  • 6 credit hours of 9000-level economics courses in one area of specialization;
  • Four other 9000-level economics courses (excluding 9090 and 9480);
  • Up to 15 credit hours of Econ 9085, Econ 9480 or other approved electives;
  • 12 or more credit hours of dissertation research (for a total of 72 credit hours).

Courses taken to satisfy these requirements (except dissertation research) may be taken while earning an MA at MU, or, as with students entering the program with prior graduate coursework, at other accredited colleges and universities as recommended by the Graduate School Committee.

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