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Healthcare is experiencing a tremendous growth of innovation in products and services to improve the healthcare industry. As innovation has expanded so has the need for health care leaders to understand growing innovative trends, determine how to integrate innovation into health system organizations, and determine which innovative practices are financially viable to support health care institutions.

To support this growing trend of innovation the graduate Minor in Health System Innovation offered by the Sinclair School of Nursing will provide advanced learners with the skills they need to lead organizations, understand emerging technologies, and determine how to care for individuals using innovation and technology.

Students with graduate standing may select 9-12 credit hours from the designated courses listed below to be awarded the graduate minor.

N8820 Healthcare Financial Management (4 credits)
N8830 Nursing Application and Innovation in Informatics (3 credits)
N8840 Nursing Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
N8860 Organizations & Human Resource Management in Nursing (3 credits)