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Stand Alone:  Yes

Total Credit Hours:  15

Certificate description: Positive Psychology is a specific focus area within the field of psychology that explores the positive, creative, and fulfilling aspects of human behavior. It is the scientific study of well-being: how humans flourish and in turn, unlock their potential. Through a purposeful sequence of courses, students will examine positive emotions, engagement, relationships, virtues and strengths, meaning, purpose, and accomplishment. Positive Psychology theories and practices are often applied to individual lived experiences, but coursework will also focus Positive Psychology’s “value-add” to organizations, governments, businesses, and education. The Graduate Certificate of Positive Psychology aims to articulate theory, apply research, and introduce intervention strategies students will use to enhance individual, interpersonal (social), community, institutional, and cultural well-being.

  • Examine theoretical cornerstones, concepts, research, and application of positive psychology in the modern era.
  • Increase awareness of human strengths and collective contributors to well-being leading to personal, social, academic, and professional development.
  • Learn methods to facilitate increases in health and well-being within five measures of flourishing: positive emotionality, engagement in one’s strengths and experiences, relationship growth and development, meaning and purpose, and achievement.
  • Understand how to effectively apply positive psychology interventions that promote thriving individuals, communities and organizations.
  • Actively engage in directed personal reflections, efforts to expand awareness, and developing strategies to increase well-being measures.

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Admission Criteria

Application Deadlines

Entrance TermApplication Deadline

Required Application Materials

For the Graduate School

  • Completed Graduate School online application
  • Unofficial Transcripts- As part of the application submission process, all applicants are required to upload unofficial copies of all post-secondary transcripts to the online application. Official transcripts are only required if accepted by the academic program.
  • Official Results of English Proficiency Exams (International applicants only)

For the Graduate Certificate Program

  • 2 letters of recommendation: should attest to your professional competence, academic preparation and potential for graduate work.
  • Personal statement
  • Resume/CV
  • Departmental application (built into the Graduate School online application)