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To receive a designated minor in statistics for a PhD degree, at least 15 credit hours of course work at the 7000 level or higher must be completed from the Department of Statistics at MU. The courses must include at least two at the 8000 level or higher and may not include Statistics 7002, 7020, 7050, 7070, 7085, 7530, 8085, 8090, or 9085.  Students must have at least one course in calculus-based statistics and the equivalent of at least two courses in an applied statistics sequence.  The calculus-based statistics requirement can be met by Stat 7710 or Stat 7760, but no more than 6 hours of Stat 7710, 7750, and 7760 can be counted towards the 15 hours.  The applied sequence requirement can be satisfied by either Stat 7510/Stat 8220 or Stat 8310/8320.  At most one course from Stat 7510 and Stat 8310 can be counted and at most one course from Stat 8220 and 8320 can be counted towards the 15 hours. The plan of study must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies of the Statistics Department and be completed with an average grade of B (3.0) or higher. Each student is encouraged to seek approval of his/her plan of study as soon as possible.

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